Thursday, August 9, 2007

A Plea for a Favor

Dear Blog Readers,

I've started a new blog and I'd like for you to also check it daily. I'm going to have 2 blogs, with 2 different purposes.

1) This blog, which will remain as my main blog and won't change as you know and love it.

2) My new blog (the link for your reference is, which will serve as a means for me to track my weight loss from my current weight to 47 pounds less than what my current weight is now.

I've been feeling gross lately. I don't want it to get my self-esteem down, which will put me in this weird Fat Bastard cycle that I'd like to avoid if I can. I'd also like to get healthy for Steve and our future family. I don't want to be that fat mom who can't do anything at soccer practice besides stand there all out of breath. Never mind the benefits to avoid heart disease and diabetes - both of which run in my family. And various forms of arthritis, which can be prevented with exercise. It's really important to me that I lose weight and get healthy for any number of reasons, so here goes nothing...

Again. Hopefully for good this time.

So that's that. Thanks for reading!

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