Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday Five: Funny

Today's the last day of the month and so I won't have time to post answers to the Friday 5 at work. As a result, I'm making up my own. Here are five videos I watched on YouTube last night of Stand-up Comedians that I think are pretty funny. Enjoy!

Also - if you haven't voted in my poll yet, today's the last day so make sure you do!!

Jim Gaffigan: "Hot Pockets"

More Jim Gaffigan: Cake

George Carlin: Airplane Safety Lecture (I used to be able to quote this verbatim in high school and still kind of can... beware expletives).

Gabriel Iglesias

Bill Cosby: Noah's Ark (This is mostly just audio, so you can play this in the background - about 8 minutes)


Maria said...

Thanks for putting those up. I have never heard of Jim Gaffigan before. He's awesome! I watched a few extra clips of him. There was actually one where he said his routine along with clips from Harry Potter.

Dan said...

Thanks, Danielle. Your selections provided some much needed entertainment on my night alone while Kimberly does her sleep study.