Thursday, August 16, 2007

To Entertain Yourself

Super busy at work today, and not much to write about except Nana kicked my ass in Skip-Bo last night. SO - entertain yourself with the blogs in my sidebar, but specifically:

- I did update my "Yellie Gets Skinnier" before work this morning.

- Steve finally updated... what entertaining psuedo-lies is he telling now: Steve: Inspired by a True Story

- Greg's got new questions up at We're Taking Bets That...

- Mags will tell you what to cook! Modified "Top Chef" this week, but you have to submit no later than 4:00 PM today. I'm to make Raspberry Beer Chicken.
Current Music: Annie Lennox, "Here Comes the Rain Again"

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Dan said...

In the eternal words of Linda Richman from Coffee Talk, "Talk amongst yourselves!"