Monday, August 13, 2007

*Yawn* Is it really Monday?

The weekend went by decidedly too quickly.

Friday was just kind of there. We vaguely watched the Pats preseason game, and Steve went out and bought us a scale for my quest and I went out and bought a GMAT study guide. I will say though I had my first attempt at cooking swordfish. I bought a big piece that I cut in half and grilled with some EVOO, Salt & Pepper with just a dash of some homemade Essence (recipe courtesy of Emeril Lagasse). I made that with a recipe for Caribbean salad that I got from Kiki and it was quite a good dinner with a great health quotient. I'm glad that I'm starting to like seafood because it is quite good for you. Next I might try some tuna steaks.

Saturday was a good day, and a relatively productive one. Steve was working all weekend so I was left to my own vices. I got all of our laundry done, went to Burlington to Bed Bath & Beyond to get the last 5 place settings that we needed. That was a great trip because with the 20% off coupons, it was like buy 4 get 1 free and then on top of that because I spent over $125 on Noritake I got another $25 gift card fo' free! I also scrubbed our bathroom because it needed it, so that was good. And - I went to Lane Bryant to get an outfit for the full afternoon tea that Kristin is throwing this coming weekend. I got quite a cute top/skirt combo... and then Steve told me to go shopping and get more stuff since it was an employee discount sale! I got the same top/skirt combo in another color, another shirt, and stocked up on a few more pairs of undahpants (you can never have too many, I say). Then I made some cookies for Steve to take to work with him on Sunday... and before I knew it, it was bedtime. Sheesh.

Sunday was a great day. After breakfast and my shower, the Seeds came and picked me up (Steve had to work again) and we headed to Tanglewood out in Lenox MA for our friend James' concert. James auditioned for the Tanglewood Festival Chorus earlier this year and made it, so we all went out to support him. It was a great day with a nice little picnic and a great crowd. The music was absolutely beautiful and I was so happy to have heard James sing with the TFC. I had never been to Tanglewood before and I would definitely go back - though, with the drive I would be more up for making a weekend out of it rather than a day trip I think. It was about 2-3 hours out there and then 3 hours 45 minutes back to Salem (due to major traffic on the Mass Turnpike). The weather was beautiful though, the Tanglewood grounds were gorgeous, and like I said the music was amazing so it really was a nice day.

Now it's Monday and I have to go to the stupid dentist this afternoon. Blech to that.
Current Music: Daughtry, "Coming Home"


Maria said...

I've been meaning to go to Tanglewood for awhile. My Steve and I got tickets to go there for a wedding present and we still haven't used them. Ugh. I pity you for the traffic on the way home. Sundays on the Pike are the absolute worst, especially in the summer.

Mags said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend!!!

And yeah, blech to Monday AND the dentist. I have to mow my lawn today, but I'm also making cake.

Mags said...

Oh, and throwing out a mouse. 8(