Thursday, September 27, 2007

Urge to Learn

As you know, I can crochet. As you may not know, not very well.

I can crochet in a straight line, and I am getting to a point where can make a mean scarf. I have an afghan that I might finish someday. Preferably before the end of the spring. I think that this winter will be a great opportunity to work on it (it's big now, so it's awfully warm to have worked on during the summer months). But that's in a straight line too. Striped, all double-crochet.

Recently, I started a Wist - an idea I totally stole from Kimberly. It's a wish list website of sorts (hence: Wist). Wists can help with that dreaded question "What would you like this year for your birthday/for Christmas/etc.?" and they can also help with keeping track of things you just want to download/get. This includes things like craft patterns or recipes or whatever. Combine that with my upcoming Ravelry account (only a couple-few more months), and I've recently gotten the urge to expand my crochet horizons.

I don't yet know how to read a pattern, and only know how to single/double/triple crochet. I have a book of basics that I need to dig out - or maybe just purchase "Crocheting for Dummies - and expand my basic skillset. Once I have those things down, I'd like to start easy with a Granny Square pattern. It doesn't look hard, but for some reason the thought of reading a pattern with all of those abbreviations and numbers has kind of frightened me. However, because I don't know how to make a Granny Square I can't make this bag at the moment.

At any rate, this is being added to the 2008 goal list. Before the end of next year I'd like to complete at least one - if not two - projects using a pattern. I'm sure I'll be able to; I just need to put my mind to it. :)
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KiKi said...

I learned from a book called "10 20 30 minutes to Crochet" and it taught me how to read patterns REALLY easily (you make little 10 minute projects that incorporate the abbrev. you just read about). I originally got it @ Wal-Mart 1 million yrs ago...lost it, and just bought it again from Amazon for like $3.) I highly recommend it!

Danielle A. said...

I shall add it to my Wist. :)