Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Recommendations, anyone?

Steve and I finally took everyone's (and I mean EVERYONE'S) advice and joined Netflix. Does anyone have any suggestions of movies or TV shows that you've enjoyed that you think we need to see? Leave a note in the comments section with anything that you think should be on our list (Greg - I'm expecting that you'll have a few things to suggest... ;) ). Lots of people have verbally told us things that we need to see or might like, but since I don't remember most of them I figure this would be a good place to re-collect that information. :)


Mags said...

Um, yeah. I'm totally not the right person for this kind of advice. Luckily, we both know Greg!!! (If he doesn't respond, I suggest you go to his Greg Flicks page and browse through the ones he's got.)

Shannon said...

Hey Danielle, you can be my friend on netflix! Follow this link:

Maria said...

My Steve and I have been watching "Six Feet Under" through Netflix. It is so addicting. We just started watching it this summer and we are already on the third season.