Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Belated Tackle-It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

With everything going on since last week, I didn't end up finishing my football pillow and in fact just started it last night. However, I did tackle two other projects with my crochet hook and some yarn so I'll throw those up instead. These were both done in time for the end of the day on Tuesday, I just didn't get a chance to post yesterday. I don't have a picture of the specific balls of yarn for "before", so just pretend that this is the "before" picture:

Generic Picture of Balls of Yarn - Before

So starting with a bunch of yarn, I finished a scarf for the homeless and I also started and finished a small purse for a Christmas gift to one of my cousins. Here are the "after" pictures:

Scarf, made mostly of scrap blues and grays

Purse, using light purple and pink with an off-white trim. Since this picture was taken, I've also added a button.

The football pillow has been postponed for next Tuesday's tackle, and between now and then we'll also have re-organized our storage area and taken the air conditioners out of the windows. I won't have pictures of that because the storage area is dark and dusty, so I'll just advise if it's been completed. Also in the tackle queue are our scrapbook, going through magazines to clip appealing recipes, and our laundry room (which needs to be reorganized).

Also - an update on the office tackle. It's been two weeks and so far I've been doing a relatively OK job with keeping it neat. It doesn't look as great as it did two weeks ago, but it's not a disaster. I have some coupons to clip and a couple of things to put away but that's really it. I'm impressed with myself that it's not a disaster yet.

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