Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Some random thoughts on this Tuesday:

- Garth Brooks was influenced heavily by Billy Joel, and as a result covered a couple of his songs on various albums. Something funny struck me today as I listened to my Pandora and heard a cover of "To Make You Feel My Love" by Trisha Yearwood. Incidentally... this song was originally sang by Bob Dylan, then covered by Billy Joel, then by Garth Brooks (influenced heavily by Billy Joel) and then by Trisha Yearwood (now Garth's wife). Does anyone know of a Bob Dylan/Billy Joel connection, because then that would just be weird. (I know that other artists covered this song too... this was just something that struck me today, is all).

- I want a library card, and it's good to know that the spirit of going to the library has not completely died in the digital age and in an era where there are a lot more big book stores than ever before.

- Snow is not so bad if there's not a lot of it and it primarily sticks to the grassy spots. It's when it gets on the cement that it causes problems. And - I'm definitely from New England because I really do feel like anything under 6 inches is just a dusting. Doesn't make me want to drive in it any more though...

- Why do people suddenly become terrible drivers when it starts to snow?

- Why is it whenever I start to get some momentum at work, the phone rings? Does anyone else have this problem?

- There's something satisfying about starting and finishing a project. Especially when the finished product isn't terribly ugly. It's not as satisfying when you make something and then you go "Oh... man... this is awful...".

- There is not much time between now and Christmas, and it scares me. I still have a whole ton of Christmas stuff to do. I had a conversation with Steve about how I didn't want anything for Christmas but wanted to give a whole lot to other people. He told me tough crap, because everyone else wants to give too which means inevitably I'm going to end up with at least presents from him. I guess that's fair, so long as said people open my presents first because that's the best part for me is watching people open presents. :)

- I didn't cut my coupons last night. I'm a bad Tuesday Tackler this week... but, it'll be done for next week for sure. I have a whole pile that needs straightening actually, so stay tuned here.

- I'm very much looking forward to decorating for Christmas.


Ben said...

"Why do people suddenly become terrible drivers when it starts to snow? "

They were already terrible drivers in the first place! I notice it all year round, unfortunately.

Kat said...

Ughh I have the same issue. Everytime I really get into something at work and think I am making progress somebody stops by and chats me up or the phone rings. It's driving me bananas.