Monday, November 19, 2007

Another Great One

Another great weekend was had by the Athanases this week!

Friday night we went over to the Carrolls' for a wine and appetizer party. We brought a Karl Erbes Reisling and what seem to a platter of Thanksgiving pinwheels. We had an awesome time hanging out, sipping on some wine and munching on things. Steve played a couple of games of chess and I hung out with a couple of the ladies chit-chatting it up. We forgot the SD card for the camera, so while we didn't get a ton of pictures we did get this one of little Theo "breakdancing" (before he settled into some Thomas the Tank Engine on YouTube).

Saturday we lounged around for a while and then headed out to Sterling for the Drumms' 1st Annual Pre-Thanksgiving festivities. We had yet another great time out there. Sarah made an awesome feast with twice baked taters, broccoli, homemade bread, spaghetti squash, green bean casserole and of course a roast beast (did you like that "Grinch" reference?). Desserts of cheesecake and cranberry trifle were provided by Josh and Kiki - all the food was quite delish. After dinner and some chatting, the 8 of us got in a rousing game of Cranium which was an AWESOME time with much joy and laughter. Team Athanas won the game, but hopefully next time we all get together there'll be a rematch and who knows what happens then! We've decided it's definitely one we're going to purchase - in fact, Target has games on sale this week so we might go check it out! Here's us (well, except me 'cause I'm taking the picture) all playing Cranium:

Sunday wasn't bad either. We went to church, then headed up to Merrimack NH for lunch at Newick's. Problem was - Newick's CLOSED!!! We were bummed, so we just grabbed some Quizno's and popped in to visit my grandparents. They just celebrated their 53rd wedding anniversary - I hope that God is able to bless Steve and I with that many years! We visited with them for a bit, then headed back to Salem to do some errands and came home. I worked on my Christmas gift crocheting for a bit, then we had pizza & beer for dinner while we watched the end of the Cowboys game and of course - the PATS GAME!! Wow - what a domination fest that was! I'm thinking the Pats are Super Bowl bound for sure.

Hope you all had great weekends too!!


Kat said...

Looks like you and your friends had a fun night. And your grandparents are married for 53 years? That is awesome. I wish to get there too. We shall see :)Have a great week.

Kimberly Pye said...

You have GOT to be kidding me! You went to Newick's because the OTHER place was closed! Sheesh!

Missy said...

Wow, we made the blog, that is very exciting!!! (and you gotta email that pic of Theo so I can write about it in mine :-)

CresceNet said...
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