Thursday, November 1, 2007

Not Working

So I stayed home from work today on the insistence of my husband. Yesterday I was feeling a little stuffed up and then on the way home from work my voice decided it wanted to disappear. I didn't feel up to much at the gym, and then was kind of blah last night. This morning I woke up... and just wanted more sleep. I feel like I could have gone to work today, but since a lot of my job is talking on the phone and I had no voice, and talking on the phone would have made matters worse... I just stayed home. I'm not sure if this is fall allergies or a cold, but I'm leaning towards allergies because I don't have that "cold" feeling (does that make sense to anyone else?).

Anyways... before the Price is Right starts, I just wanted to let you know the results of the October Poll. Here goes:

Which of these is your favorite part of fall?
Warm Apple (Cider, Crisp, Pie, Etc.) - 9 votes/45%
Fall Foliage/Leaf Peeping - 5 votes/25%
Produce Picking (Pumpkins, Apples, etc.) - 4 votes/20%
Back to School - 1 vote/5%
Halloween - 1 vote/5%
Jumping in Leaf Piles - 0 votes!

Thanks for participating! I'll have a new poll up later today. But for now, I have to do the obligatory "I'm Home Sick" Price is Right watching. I'll let you know how Drew Carey is.

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