Sunday, December 30, 2007

2007 Goals Recap and Blog Changes for 2008

OK... touching on a few quick things here. The first thing I want to get out of the way is an apology for not updating - I just haven't been in that spot lately. BUT... I've been doing a lot of thinking about how I want to approach the Blogosphere in 2008. I enjoy blogging but I want to change my approach. Starting in January, there will be less about my day-to-day activities because I feel like "Saturday we got our grocery shopping out of the way and then went to the movies with Joan and Bob" can be boring after a while. I'm going to try and focus more on things of a bit of substance. You'll probably see more "Tackle it Tuesdays", posts on my crocheting, and thoughts on topics of things going on in the world around us.

I'm also going to stop doing my "Yellie Gets Skinny" blog and combine them into one, with my physical fitness updates on Fridays. I'll get to my status on that in my 2007 goals recap in just a minute. So for the few of you who were following that - renewed intentions in 2008 with updates here on Fridays.

Anyways... onto the recap of my 2007 goals, and where I did (or did not) get with them:

- Take a craft class or two at Michael's or AC Moore.
To be honest - I watched the schedules and nothing tickled my fancy. I'm scratching this as a goal for 2008 and will just watch the schedule to see if there's anything next year that I like.

- Paint at least 3 pcs of pottery.
I think I only ended up doing one... this one is only at 33%. I'll just have to go and paint more next year... oh darn.

- Start walking at least 4 times/week for 30 minutes at least.
OK... so I was doing really really well with this until the daylight started to shift and it wasn't necessarily the best idea for me to go walking when I had the time available. So, we got me a membership to Planet Fitness and I was doing ok for a little while. Then the last couple of months were insane, I lost some motivation and have really not been doing so well with it. I do still have the motivation to exercise more, so starting January 1 I'll be back in the groove. No, it won't be a New Year's Resolution - those always fail. We're calling this a renewal of taking care of the body God gave me instead.

- Go to the beach for the day at least twice this summer (Hampton Beach State Park, probably).
This didn't happen. However - Steve and I did have an awesome double date with my parents up at Hampton the day after our wedding. It was complete with a seafood dinner at Brown's and a few rounds of pinball at the arcade. At least we made it up there once - even if only for a little bit - and we did also go to Jamaica for a week. So that's not so bad either.

- Read and FINISH 10 books. This is harder for me to do than it sounds.
I did it! Finally, one goal on the list that I can say I finished! With the long-awaited completion of "Treasure Island", I actually came in with 11 books read in 2007 with a 12th started. Yay!

- Finish that blasted afghan.
- Actually make/finish the scrapbook I've been putting off.
Uhm... why don't we just skip these for now...

- Volunteer a bit more (as time allows).
Is it bad when one of the pastors at your church tells you that you can say "No" once in a while? I'd say that we're definitely both volunteering a bit more now, and we're more than glad to do it. Steve and I are pretty heavily involved with the First Impressions and Communion teams at our church, and we love it. We've helped out a couple of other events too, and it's just awesome. So... yeah, another goal that I can say I achieved. Sweet. Two so far... out of all those...

- Finish the other craft projects I have outstanding and maybe start/complete a couple more of them.
For those of you who either have seen my Ravelry page or have been reading this blog, you know that I have finished my football pillow and have also learned how to crochet Amigurumi toys. I was also able to complete at least 5 scarves for Christmas gifts. A third goal I can check off the list. Huzzah!

- Pass Microeconomics and start taking my Grad Classes.
As I mentioned before - I got an "A" in Micro this spring and Grad Classes are temporarily on hold until I take my GMAT and figure out what degree I would like, and where I would like to get it.

So... that's about it. Later this week, I'll be throwing up a post on my 2008 goals so that I can track those as well. Hopefully, I'll have a better track record next year than I did this year.


Kat said...

So glad to see you back. That sounds like it is going to be a busy new year for you.

Happy New Year Danielle!

Missy said...

I'm glad you're combining your two blogs...I'm an avid reader :-)