Monday, December 17, 2007


I've hit a blogging drought.

To be honest, I feel I've lamented enough and I feel that I don't have much of substance to write about recently. Work's been so busy I feel like a deer in headlights sometimes, I got a sinus headache today, my Grampa is in the hospital again (though on the plus side, my parents did come up from TN to make sure he's OK), and I've been incredibly busy because of Christmas coming up in ONE STINKING WEEK.

I'm still excited for it, I'm just not ready. Still have lotsa shopping/crocheting to do.

At any rate, I'd rather not waste my blog space with complaining because that accomplishes nothing. Recently, I feel like I have a lot to complain about and not much to write happy about.

And before you ask... yes, things with Steve and I are fine. We're still learning how to be married (it has only been 6 months after all) and with each lesson learned we get mushier and love each other only more.

Yes, you can barf now. No wait - we spent part of the weekend curled up together watching "Frosty the Snowman" and "Santa Claus is Comin' to Town". OK, now you can barf.

At any rate. I'm taking suggestions for topics that you'd like me to write about. Seriously. As silly or as ridiculous or as silly as the topic may sound. Why don't we shoot for 12 different topics - there are 13 days left in December starting with tomorrow, and that'll give me something to go for. Try not to pick something I've already written about (see the "Topics" label to the left for the 11 entries this year on a specific topic).

All righty... bring it on. :)


Doug said...

Excitement and plans for your disney vaca!

Kstar said...

I've got two:

What you are most looking forward to doing on Christmas day and a post about what you are reading right now (I know, that's the teacher in me). I also agree with my hubby.... I would love to hear about the Disney plans :-)

Kimberly Pye said...

Let's have an FO post! Give us a picture, a review of the pattern, and any modifications you made!

winifred flint said...

please explain the excitement about disney - i simply do not unerstand it...and ive been there many times in CA as a child. and it being a honeymoon destination absolutely baffles me. what can be less erotic than Mickey Mouse?


Kstar said...

Just to respond to Winifred, Disney can be a great spot for a honeymoon, especially for those who aren't interested in beaches or cruises. My husband and I still had a romantic honeymoon while also having a blast at the theme parks.

Kstar said...

I need a "Danielle's Soapbox" fix! And we have your Christmas presents. Let us know when a good time would be to stop in and visit and drop those off :-) Or if you want, we could have you over to our place!