Thursday, December 13, 2007


A few thoughts/observations over the last few days:

- It's very nice to feel wanted at work, especially with how frustrating things have been recently.

- It's not cool to get cranky and bossy with people just because you're stressed or have been upset (sorry 'bout that).

- I saw a Toyota Prius this morning on my way to work with US Government plates. The plate read "EPA 1955". Awesome.

- I see our General Manager once a year. Today was it. He shook my hand as I took my free blanket and calendar and said "Merry Christmas". He has no idea who I am (I don't think), but he knows I work for Rick.

- I hate the snow. Especially when it falls at a rate of 1-2 inches/hour over a 5-8 hour time span.

- I'm glad I live in the area that's not getting as much.

- I have a new appreciation for the song "You Find Out Who Your Friends Are".

- It occurred to me the other day that I REALLY need to buy a ham this week before they're all gone.

- Engineers are like a flock of vultures upon a dead gazelle when there's free leftover food hanging around.

- My husband gets hilarious after he's been stuck in traffic for a while and starts to lose his mind. (Believe me, this is a true statement... I'm currently listening to him singing about how much he loves the on-ramp.)

- It's funny what makes people realize they don't have the proper equipment. Like - impending snowstorms.

- I like pie.


Kat said...

Glad that I am not the only that notices how people get cranky when they are stressed or upset.

Having your work acknowledged is truly a great feeling and you know what I LOVE pie too!

Mags said...

I missed pie? Damn...