Monday, January 14, 2008

Disney Must See Day 2: Bagpipes & Rock!

The first time I went to Epcot back in May 2005, I heard it as we strolled through the France pavillion. The sound was unmistakable, I would know it anywhere. It called to me, drew me closer.

The sound? Bagpipes.

I was like the mice and children following the Pied Piper. I powered ahead with Steve close behind as I left "France" and headed through the "UK" until I found it. That sweet screechy melody of bagpipes. Then I found it - five men on stage in kilts, rocking out with a set of pipes in the lead. I stood and listened in wonder while my boyfriend (now husband) shook his head and laughed. When it was over, I knew I had a new Epcot must-see.

The band Off Kilter.

Now, I'm the kind of person who is convinced that everyone is wired to like certain things because of their DNA. Take my husband Steve for example. He's of 50% Greek (by way of Albania) descent. He didn't have much Greek in his upbringing - yet he has a strange love affair with Mediterranean food. Me? I'm mostly English/Irish/Scottish with a splash of French by way of Canada. I have an inate love for traditional UK-based food (with the exception of fried fish and Guinness) and whenever I hear bagpipes playing or see Irish Step dancing I'm immediately sucked in. I NEVER had any of that around me growing up... but the love is there. My brother will attest to this too as he has the same strange problem. I don't claim that this lineage theory applies to everyone and it's entirely possible I'm crazy, but I've seen enough evidence to think that there's got to be a trace of it someplace.

With this in mind... when I heard the sweet sound of those pipes echoing across Epcot and made my way to "Canada" to hear them, I knew that it would become a must-see each and every visit. To be sure, whenever we're in Epcot we grab the show schedule to find out what time Off Kilter is playing. We get there five minutes early to make sure we get a good seat and stay there for half an hour. This last time we got one of their CDs, so if you're ever in my car feel free to ask me to pop it in for a sample listen.

Or... just watch this video and see for yourself.

Danielle's Disney Dining Recommendation: Looking for some good bangers n' mash? Maybe some Irish soda bread to start off your meal? Head on over to Pleasure Island at Downtown Disney and stop by the Raglan Road. For $17.50 (before tax) you can get their Traditional Guinness & Onion Banger which is just awesome. Be sure to ask for some of their yummy soda bread and dipping sauce to enjoy before your meal.


Steve Athanas said...

And I quote from one of our wedding table markers:

"Danielle: Ok… Take bagpipes, mix in some rock-music, put kilts on all the band members, and put it in EPCOT’s Canadian pavilion. What do you have? A place where Danielle insists on spending 30 minutes listening to awesome music every time she goes to EPCOT.

"Steve: Danielle makes me go. Also, the guy in the blue kilt looks like Kurt Russell, which begs the question: What is Kurt Russell doing anymore? Does he even have a job?"

Having said all this.. I enjoyed our time with Kurt Russ.. I mean Off Kilter this time quite a bit. Seriously though, this guy in the blue kilt HAS to be Kurt Russel's brother. I should ask.

Raglan Road has one better than the bangers 'n mash, though.. it's called "It's not a chowder" but it is a chowder, and awesome.

Kat said...

That sounds like you guys had a great time. I miss Ireland and everytime I hear the words Irish dance or soda bread or a pint of Guinness or bangers and mash I want to go "home" though it isn't home really. SIGH...Can't wait for more of your stories.

Kimberly Pye said...

Oh, I do love bangers 'n' mash! (Check out the The Old Court in Lowell sometime! Yum!)

But then there are those weird things we like that didn't come from heredity or upbringing. Like why the heck should I want to learn any language I can get my hands on? Why do I like sushi and Indian food? Why do I get all giddy about Arabic pop music?

Dan told me once it's the soul. God wired us so uniquely that "weird" things like that happen.

I like that answer.

Liz said...

Hi Danielle, I'm Liz, Teri's wife, Courtney's mom. If you love the bagpipes, you need to check out 7 Nations. They are a celtic rock band that are AWESOME. I haven't checked out their website in a while, but you should: Teri and I have seen them a number of times and they are phenominal!

Liz said...

Also go to Youtube and search Seven Nations. You will find videos of their best songs!