Sunday, January 13, 2008

Seven Days of Disney - Day One

When we arrived at Walt Disney World and checked into our room, we flipped on the TV just for some noise. The TVs are set to default to one of Disney's in-resort stations, specifically the one that does nothing but loop their take on the Top 7 Must-Sees of Walt Disney World. Really it's just a highlight reel of various areas of the property and theme parks with a few awesome rides or sights mixed in. It turns out to be the Top Bazillion (exaggeration alert) Must Sees of Walt Disney World.

Everyone who's ever visited has their own "must-sees" every time that they go. Since Steve and I go every year (or at least make a very strong effort) there are things that we each "must see" or else we'll burst into hysteric tears. I've decided that every day this week, my blog post will center around one of my own personal Top 7 Must-Sees of Walt Disney World. Everyone's are different I'm sure and there's also a lot more things that I "must" see when I go - but these are ones that I would definitely regret if I missed. I'll also be briefly mentioning a great restaurant that I enjoy at the end.

That all said... on to:

Danielle's Must Sees of Walt Disney World Day One: "Fantasmic!"

Epcot, Magic Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios all end your day at the park with a night show that incorporates Disney themes and awesome pyrotechnics. However, I absolutely think that the best of the three is Fantasmic! at the Disney Hollywood Studios park. Guests of the park gather in a stadium about the size of LeLacheur Park in Lowell and wait patiently for the show to start. While waiting, there are vendors selling various glow sticks and refreshments for you to enjoy during the performance. There's a huge set that looks like a mountain located in the middle of a water stage just waiting for the lights to dim.

And then the lights dim, and the show begins. Spectators are engaged for about 40 minutes in a story that describes an imagined dream sequence being had by none other than the star of Disney - Mickey Mouse. Complete with water screens (meaning they mist the water in such a way that they are able to project complete images/movies on to them) and lots of fire/pyrotechnics, guests watch as Mickey and his friends (but mostly Mickey) battle the various villians of Disney fame. There's not really a bad seat in the house, and the effects are truly spectacular. I've heard that it's the most popular of the three night shows at WDW, and after three times seeing it I can easily see why.

Here's a highlight reel that I found on YouTube of some select parts of the show. Of course, seeing as the show is about 40 minutes long this does it zero justice. It does give you a taste, and hopefully will stand in your mind to see the whole thing if you're ever at Disney's Hollywood Studios:

Danielle's Disney Dining Recommendation: For a quick easy lunch in a kitchy movie-based environment, head over to the Toy Story Pizza Planet Arcade at Hollywood Studios. Based on the pizza place from the first toy story movie, they offer lots of indoor seating and a small arcade for your enjoyment. I recommend one of the pizza combos - personal pizza (cheese or pepperoni), small garden salad, and a soda for under $10.


winifred said...

the disney product/image/brain washing does nothing for me....but I am ALWAYS interested in how they play with technology----the water wall really caught my eye---think of all the ways it could be used in a cityscape or architecture.

Anonymous said...

They do that with the water in Providence, RI during the summer, it's an awesome sight to see! Lowell was talking about getting something similar out in front of the Tsongas Arena years ago when I was working for thie city...not sure where that stands now though!

Kimberly Pye said...

I <3 Toy Story Pizza Planet Arcade!

Here's a friend I met there last time Dan and I went:

Kimberly Pye said...

Oops. The link didn't work.

Mags said...

Oh how I love Fantasmic! :)

Kat said...

I loved Epcot though it's been more than 11 years since I have last been.

Steve Athanas said...

Fantastic is great, however, I've always been partial to Illuminations at EPCOT. That said, I'm not particularly fond of "Reflections of Earth" if only because it seems like they replaced a ton of fireworks and lasers with well.. something else (no spoilers here.)

That said, I think Fantasmic is entirely different than either Illuminations or Wishes, as both of those are sky shows, and Fantasmic is a stage show with some boom.

I wanna go back.