Friday, January 18, 2008

Disney Must See Day 6: Take a Hike!

Always wanted to climb one of the tallest mountains in the world? How's Everest sound? Don't feel like you're up for that? Alright FINE.... Walt Disney World has an alternative for you - Expedition: Everest at the Animal Kingdom theme park.

You're welcomed into a base camp (aka the queue) where there are all sorts of signs about the scary Yeti as well as all the supplies any hiker would need to get up to the top of Everest. No worries for you though - you'll be going by a comfy train up to the top. A nice steam engine with all the amenities you'll need. A safety bar, a great conductor, a travel partner (it's a 2-seater row). You'll be going pretty fast - because it is, after all, a roller coaster and one of the most awesome ones at that.

Expedition: Everest is not only a great coaster, it's also a great highlight of the artistry and attention to detail that only Disney puts in all of their rides. The greenery and the mountain/cavernous feel throughout the ride are absolutely stunning. You can tell that WDW Imagineers and designers did their homework when putting together this ride.

I was lucky enough to find on YouTube the same commercial that we saw in our room the entire last vacation. Every time we saw it we got super excited to get our Fast Passes for this ride, then get in the queue, then wait impatiently for our Fast Pass time so we could ride it again. It's totally awesome and VERY much a must-see.

Oh - and by the way... don't be scared about the Yeti. He looks like this, totally unthreatening:

Danielle's Disney Dining Recommendation: If you've never tried Moroccan food before, I highly recommend Restaurant Marrakesh in Epcot's Morocco pavillion. While the atmosphere can be loud (it's a large room and they have live music with a belly dancer periodically) it's definitely worth a stop. The food was quite excellent, and I recommend the chicken couscous (a variation of the Moroccan national dish). Believe me - you will NOT be disappointed.


~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

I've really been enjoying reading about the stuff in Disney. It's been 16 years or so since I've been there last so things are a lot different now. Plus, last time I was there I was sick the entire time so I didn't have fun at all.

Kstar said...

Mr. and Mrs. Seed rave about the Moroccan food at Epcot. I don't know if I'm brave enough to try it, but maybe someday!