Saturday, January 19, 2008

Disney Must See Day 7: Danielle's Super Favorite

I have no idea why I love today's highlighted ride so much. Maybe it's a lingering and strange fascination I have with horror flicks and the suspense that does it. Maybe it's the thing I've always had for thrill rides. Maybe it's that I have to work to overcome my fear of heights to board the ride every time, and that's kind of empowering and a rush when I get off.

The final highlight of Danielle's Disney World must-sees is my absolute most favorite ride ever: The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disney's Hollywood Studios. I remember when I was a kid at the park opened (as Disney's MGM Studios) I wanted to go so badly. It looked like my kind of park. Shows, rides, a glimpse into the world of movies... and then, when the Tower of Terror opened I wanted to go even more. As a teenager I developed a fascination and almost addiction to horror movies and the paranormal. I didn't want to become a vampire or anything creepy like that, but it was the abnormal and the unknown that did it for me. Combining a horror film with a thrill ride seemed like an amazing concept to me.

I was worried when I stood in line a couple of years ago with Steve waiting to get on the ride that I would be let down. All the years of anticipation, the need to overcome my fear of heights to even consider getting on the ride (it is - after all - an elevator that simulates a free-fall faster than gravity). I was NOT disappointed.

I will admit that every time we go, and I see the Tower, and I watch the doors open and close I get nervous. The aforementioned fear of heights is a very real thing for me, and my stomach flutters every time we have to wait in line. That said - that first drop is such an amazing rush, followed by the randomized series of lifts and drops that follow... oh man.

There's yet to be a ride that tops this one for me. As usual, Disney does an incredible job of setting the mood and mustering up your excitement and anticipation for the ride. Today's clip is the introduction video that guests to the Hollywood Tower Hotel see before proceeding to their elevators.

And so with that, the statement of my favoritest ride ever, I conclude this week's Danielle's Disney Must Sees.

Danielle's Disney Dining Recommendation: After you've calmed down from the rush of the Tower of Terror and the Rock 'N Roller Coaster, head on over to the Hollywood Brown Derby at Disney's Hollywood Studios for a high-class and tasty meal. One of Disney's pricier restaurants, use this opportunity for your vacation special treat meal. Be sure that you get their Cobb Salad to share with your vacation buddy - it is WELL worth it!


Kstar said...

Ah, the Brown Derby! This was our first meal when we went and our most favorite in terms of non-counter service style. The Cobb salad is worth the trip! It's making my mouth water just thinking of it :-)

Doug said...

That was a GREAT Read :)

I'll give you my 7 must sees:
1.) Splash Mountain - Magic Kingdom - Love that song that plays throughout
2.) Mission Space - Epcot - incredible simulation - you cant even feel that you are in a centrifuge.
3.) Phantasmic and Wishes! - two great shows!
4.) Brown Derby - Just because it was our first meal in Disney
5.) Haunted Mansion - I went when I was 5 and it was the only ride I remember, so it is a great trip down memory lane for me
6.) Carousel of Progress - My dad is an insane 64 Worlds Fair buff, so this is especially important to me, because I know how important it is to him
7.) A Character breakfast at the Crystal Palace in the MK - So I love to give Pooh a hug, whats wrong with that!