Monday, January 21, 2008

Disney Wrap Up Part One

All right readers. You've heard MY Top 7 Must-Sees of Walt Disney World and gotten a "taste" of some of the places I enjoy eating. Of course, those are just my top places to stop while in Walt Disney World and there are lots of other places I enjoy too. It is definitely an awesome place to vacation.

To answer some questions that have been raised over the week:

When did MGM Studios become Hollywood Studios? January 7, 2008. We know this because we were there the first day of the switch, and it even made the Orlando news.

Who won on the Buzz Lightyear ride? Obviously Steve. He's way more into video games than I am. He got like... 293,000 points and I got 38,000 points. I had a ton of fun though and can't wait for me to get my behind handed to me again next year.

Did I see the talking garbage can at Cosmic Ray's? NO!!! Where is it? And can you remind me when I go next year so I know to look for it next time?

I also should mention some of the other awesome rides that we try to hit when we go down there. They are:

Magic Kingdom: Haunted Mansion, Wishes (night fireworks), Big Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain (though it's been closed when we've been the last couple of years), Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean

Epcot: Test Track, Mission:SPACE (the green side, I'mma wimp), Maelstrom, the Japanese drummers, Gran Fiesta Tour

Hollywood Studios: Star Tours, Backlot Tour, MuppetVision 3-D

Animal Kingdom: Kali River Rapids, Finding Nemo: The Musical, Flights of Wonder, Kilimanjaro Safari, It's Tough to be a Bug

That's it for now. Tomorrow will be a brief hiatus from Disney so I can do my Tackle-It Tuesday, and then final Disney wrap-up will be on Wednesday with a guest blogger appearance!


Kstar said...

Interesting.... a guest blogger!!!! I'll be waiting by my computer :-)

Kat said...

A talking garbage can? Now I've heard it all :). I love your Disney travel diary. Makes me feel like I was there with you.

T said...

I'm just gonna print out your's now my new "Unofficial Guide to Disney".