Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Disney Wrap Up Part Deuce

All righty... I promise this is the LAST Disney posting (for now). Because I didn't go on vacation by myself, and because my husband is a Disney freak - I asked him if he would mind being a guest blogger and writing up...

Steve's List of His Top Six Favorite Things at Walt Disney World That He Made So Danielle Would Quit Nagging Him To Write A List of Things That He Likes At Walt Disney World*

6. "Walt Disney: One Man's Dream" at the Disney Hollywood Studios.
This attraction is more of a museum than anything else. I'm almost endlessly fascinated with Walt Disney, and this is his story as told by the ominous corporation that he spawned. In all seriousness though, this walking tour followed by a very well done video covers the story of Walter Elias Disney in a very visual, yet reverent way. Highlights include scale models of Disney attractions at the end, and some art and artifacts actually belonging to Disney himself.

5. "Big Thunder Mountain Railroad" at the Magic Kingdom
This ride is a great roller coaster. The ride itself is fun, if a bit short in the adrenaline department. Where it stands out is the great theming Disney pulls off on the ride. I don't care if it's 99 and humid, you'll feel like you're in an Arizona desert when you're riding.. right up until you have to peel yourself of the plastic seats. Remember to wipe for the next people.

4. "Mickey's PhilharMagic" at the Magic Kingdom
This is the very best 3D video attraction I've seen. I'm a huge fan of the MuppetVision 4D at DHS, but Mickey's PhilharMagic comes across a bit less cheesy, and because it's a bit newer (and animated) the resolution on the final projection is excellent. I usually have a problem with 3D movies giving me a headache (I have a rare vision problem called eyeswickedsuckitis,) but this one doesn't seem to. The special sensory things they throw in make it that much better.

3. "Wishes" at the Magic Kingdom
I'm an enormous fan of this fireworks show – easily the best I have ever seen. I haven't pinned down whether my infatuation with it stems from enjoying the well choreographed mix of visuals and music, or whether I really like seeing stuff blow up. Because I have a fondness for Illuminations, I'm going to have to go with I like seeing stuff blow up. (If you've seen Reflections of Earth, you know where I'm coming from.) It's something you shouldn't miss. If your kids are getting cranky because it's late and they've been on their feet since 8:30 that morning, just hit them very hard in the head so they pass out, then you (and I) can enjoy the show.

2. "Expedition: Everest" at Disney's Animal Kingdom
It's like Big Thunder Mountain, but like.. ├╝ber. The theming is amazing. Even the line is interesting. Yes, the LINE - which unless you FASTPass this one, you had best be prepared to sit in for the remainder of your natural life. It's worth it, unless you get motion sick, in which case it's absolutely not worth it – run for your life. In general, Animal Kingdom was always my least favorite of the four parks – but since I was there on the very day it opened – April 22, 1998, I feel like we share a special bond. Ever since they put this baby in, however.. I'm a devoted convert. It's still number four, but it's moved up much closer to number three, (DHS). I won't give too much away, but I will say this: the cute little stuffed Yetis in the gift store are an accurate representation of the ride's main character. So cuddly.

1. Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow
EPCOT is the greatest thing ever. There is no attraction here I'm not fond of. It's rare in life that something so exhilaratingly fun can also prove to inspire awe and wonder. EPCOT does this with aplomb. From the great street shows in the World Showcase (with all due respect to the JAMMitors in Future World, the World Showcase Players provide superior impromptu entertainment) to the exhilarating attractions like Soarin', Test Track, and the apparently fatal Mission: SPACE, I've never enjoyed 12 hours as much as I enjoyed my 9:00 am to 9:00 pm stints in EPCOT. Most other parks can be "done" in a day. EPCOT cannot, at least not if you take the time to explore. I also think that this park boasts the best horticultural displays in all of Walt Disney World, especially if you happen to be lucky enough to go during April and May's International Flower and Garden Festival. There are so many great little nooks and crannies in this park that I can't possibly list them all. EPCOT also far and away has the best food of any of the theme parks, as food and wine are an integral part of the World Showcase experience – it's a recent dream of mine to attend during the Food and Wine Festival in October… maybe a fall trip? Maybe… just maybe.

So there you have it. Steve and I's top 13 combined Disney World must-sees. I hope you've enjoyed our take on it and we thank you for indulging in our dorktasticness.

*For those of you who read Steve's blog, you know that he really only writes when the mood moves him. This was on a deadline. Hence the "nagging". But... he indulged me anyways because I'm cute. :)


Kat said...

Awesome, as I said it is as if you've taken me on your trip with you. And dorkasticness??? Love the word and going to use it today.

Kimberly Pye said...

I'm not buying the "cuddly Yeti" thing. Well, I don't believe you. I will, however, probably have to buy an actual cuddly Yeti from the gift shop.

When my high school senior class went to WDW, we were there for the flower show. It was absolutely gorgeous! There were about eleventy million different kinds of roses growing throughout the park. I bought a plumeria plant, but I killed it before it had a chance to actually grow flowers (which takes about three years).