Sunday, February 17, 2008

Knight Industries Three Thousand

That's right. K.I.T.T. is back.

Kind of.

Steve and I just watched what I am presuming is the premier of the new Knight Rider series. It was billed as a movie, but the rumor I heard is that it's actually going to be a series. For those of you who know Steve personally, you know that this means that he was very excited when he found out about this movie yesterday.

This time around, K.I.T.T. is a hawt Ford Mustang. The driver is Mike Traceur - a less hokey guy than Michael Knight was, even though he's Michael Knight's son. The premise is the same: super awesome super-powered talking car, dashing young man "driving" around in said car saving the day. I have to admit, after watching this new installment of the series (I'm considering it a much better continuation, actually) I am excited and hopeful for more episodes. They did an awesome job with the revival and I'm sure that tons of old Knight Rider fans agree with me.

Since "24" hasn't been on this year, the new Knight Rider is a suitable replacement. I deem it so.

I leave you with this interview with The Hoff. I think he's intoxicated. Either that or just... well... The Hoff. Hokey Hoff.

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Kat said...

When I was younger I used to love Knight Rider. Most of my male friends are fans to this day.

I had no idea there would be a movie/series. Gotta tell them to prepare in case it makes it over here :)