Saturday, February 16, 2008

Some Things Just Shouldn't Be Made

Since I joined Ravelry last fall and since I have gotten more excited about reading patterns and crocheting to them, my search for fun or cool or awesome patterns has led me down some odd and disturbing roads sometimes.

I have a thing for page-a-day calendars. With my new-found love for crochet patterns, this year I got myself the 2008 Crochet-A-Day pattern calendar. Some of the patterns have been fun/cool/awesome and I've held on to those. Others that I don't think I'll ever do I have offered up to a co-worker who also crochets, and if she's not interested it goes to the recycling bin. Here is one that is destined for the recycling bin:

Lace-Up Moccasins

Yes, I found it on eBay when I googled it. Yes, I noticed that the seller called it part of an annual publication. And yes, I also noticed that whatever poor sap ended up buying it paid a total of $2.50 after shipping (which, I can't believe they charged a dollar for shipping when a standard $0.41 stamp would have sufficed).

Seeing that pattern yesterday prompted me to think of some other patterns I've seen that just should NEVER have been brought to fruition. Here are some examples, and I'll preface this by saying that these are the ones that disturbed me. Deeply.(Beware - some of them might be NSFW or you might not want your mom [we'll call that NSFM - Not Safe for Mom] around for. Yes, I just said that about crochet patterns.)

Example One
**Link fixed**Example Two

Then there are some things that are just plain ugly. Rather than post a million links here of those ugly things, here's a link to a wonderful collection of crocheted uglyness (I might have mentioned it before, but oh well).

What Not To Crochet

I'm sure at some point in time I'll inadvertantly make something that's ugly, but I promise I'll try not to. And please, be honest if I do.


Nathalie said...

Well, too bad example 2 does not have a link, bec. example 1 was just too funny! Some people are very creative.

Anonymous said...

Oh well, they are good for a laugh anyway.