Saturday, March 1, 2008

February Poll Results

The polls have closed! Here are the results from the February poll:

Which of the listed popular movie series is the best? (16 total votes)
- THE WINNER: Harry Potter, 5 votes (31%)
- Star Wars, 4 votes (25%)
- Die Hard, 2 votes (12%)
- Back to the Future, 2 votes (12%)
- Ghostbusters, 1 vote (6%)
- Pirates of the Carribean, 1 vote (6%)
- Lord of the Rings, 1 vote (6%)

Thanks to everyone who cast a vote! This month's poll is now open to the right in the sidebar. Send your friends on over to my blog to cast their ballots too (plus, who doesn't like more readers really).


Kstar said...

Three cheers for Harry Potter!

Kat said...

Way to go Harry :)