Monday, March 3, 2008

What Next?

Ok folks, I need your help again. I'm trying to figure out which of these books to read next. Below are the books that I'm torn between with a link to a place you can find a description, and then there is a poll for you to vote in. Cast your vote, and if you have any comments to add please feel free as well.

Here are the books I am considering for a next read:

The Ragamuffin Gospel
Walt Disney: An American Original
Schindler's List
Mayada: Daughter of Iraq
A Farewell to Arms

And... here is the poll:

Polls close at 1:00 AM because I want to start reading tomorrow, so please be sure to cast your vote today!

1 comment:

Kstar said...

Great list of books... Of course, I had to go with the obvious choice!