Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Disney Rocks

As my regular readers know, Steve and I have an all-love relationship with Walt Disney World. I saw a story in the news this morning that gave me just one more reason why.

This couple from Massachusetts lost 3 sentimental rings in their trash while away on their vacation. What did the folks at Disney do? They caught the trash before it made its way to the compactor... and found the rings!

Read about it here: Disney Workers Find Rings Mistakenly Thrown Away


Kat said...

Wow, that's what I call service. When we were in Euro Disney for our business meeting we had a guest speaker from Disneyland Florida, who also showed us a presentation. She said they call this outstanding service "bumping the lamp" -when you go that extra mile, you know. They call it that because in that Roger Rabit movie the illustrators even managed to draw shadow and light when Roger Rabitt bumped his head on a lamp and it started moving. They said less than 1% of the people had noticed but they wanted to provide that extra bit and now Disney strives to hire people that "bump the lamp".

I was seriously impressed.

Mags said...

Uh...yeah. I went through a lot of garbage when I worked for Disney...a lot.