Thursday, April 3, 2008

March Poll Results

Normally I would have posted this yesterday, but I was too excited about the NKOTB news that I had to put it off for one day.

At any rate, here are the results of March's poll:

If you could have any of the below superpowers, which would you have?
(16 Total Votes)
- Ability to Fly: 7 votes (43%)
- Healing Powers: 7 votes (43%)
- Go-Go Gadget Everything: 2 votes (12%)
- No love for: X-Ray Vision, Laser Beams from your eyes, Fire/Ice shooting from your hands, No Superpowers at all

I have to admit I was surprised that no one chose the weapons simply on the cool factor of being able to shoot something from your body. Now the tough question - if you voted and you're interested in leaving a comment to this: why did you pick the superpower you picked?

April's poll is posted off to the right; it's the long debated question of who made/makes the best Batman. Save your comments on that until the April poll is over please - I'm sure I could post a whole forum for THAT topic.


Kat said...

I voted for the ability to fly. Simply because travel would be so much easier and you could avoid traffic and you could be everywhere in a jiffy. Oh no, now I am getting all excited again.

Maria said...

I voted for the ability to fly for pretty much the same reason. My parents live two hours away and it's always a big production to go out and visit them. It would be nice to just pop in and out to see them whenever I felt like it.