Wednesday, April 2, 2008

This is NOT a Drill

When it's April Fool's Day and you see certain things come across the RSS feed, you often wonder if it's just a joke that the news outlets are playing on you. For example, I was poking through the news on the Channel 5 website yesterday and I see this article about a guy who went through a drive-thru at a Dunkin' Donuts nekkid.

I thought, and hoped, that it was a joke. Turns out it was not and I'm disturbed again. Then there was a slideshow piece I saw about a giant baby head getting delivered to the MFA in Boston. Turns out, that wasn't a joke either.

In any event - NONE of that is my point. Now I'll get to my point.

I subscribe to the RSS feed on my Google Reader. I'd say about 50% of what's there is interesting, another 20-30% mildly interesting, and the rest is useless. But yesterday... oh sweet yesterday...

I saw this: New Kids on the Block: The Return

Oh sweet mother of all that is amazing in the world. I thought to myself, "This has to be a joke, right?" Turns out - it is NOT a joke. In fact, if you go to there's a countdown clock that ends on Friday. What is Friday? Well, Boston's most awesomest boy band is appearing on the Today show where it is expected they'll be announcing a reunion tour.

A REUNION TOUR!!! In celebration of 20 years of Hangin' Tough!!!

I'm so excited. Not as excited as when we got married, not as excited as when I got accepted to DWC, but I'm still super duper excited in that giddy 13-year old way.

In honor of the occasion, a clip for you of one of my favorite NKOTB songs: "Cover Girl", sung by Donny Wahlberg. Enjoy.


Kat said...

You mean to say that they are really reuniting? I thought it was an April fool's day prank?

Anonymous said...

For your support of the NKOTB are officially helping to bring about the appocalypse are conglomerately waitimg behimd the 4th telling you ....death