Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Sleeping Arrangements

Yesterday I did a bit less cleaning out of my cabinets because Steve took me out to dinner at my favorite local restaurant - Grand China. The reason is because we were out and about getting stuff for our...


I am admittedly oddly excited about the fact that we bought a new mattress set. Why? Because even though I work full time, have bills, rent an apartment, cook dinner every night and clean up - sometimes it hasn't hit me yet that I'm now a "grown up". Maybe it's because we don't have kids yet or the fact that I haven't hit that magical "30" number in age or the fact that I'm back "in" school. I'm not entirely sure what or why, but sometimes I forget that I'm an adult with responsibilities and the little things like this remind me that I am indeed all growed up.

For a little while now, Steve and I have been contemplating getting a new mattress set. Originally we were going to get it when we were going to buy the house, but when that didn't pan out it went on the back burner. However, after a few more months of uncomfortable sleeping on a hand-me-down 11 year old mattress - we decided to start looking. If you weren't aware (which, we weren't) - mattress buying is a process and a half. We must have laid on about 20 different mattresses between 2 different stores before we decided on what we would get. I can't remember the exact model name, but after about 4 total hours of laying on mattresses we decided on a Nature's Rest something-or-other that was soft enough for me and firm enough for Steve all at the same time.

Yesterday Steve stayed home from work to wait for the delivery and take away. The fine delivery people from Jordan's Furniture came in, took our old mattress away, and replaced with the Nature's Rest. When I got home last night and put my bags down, I went in and plopped on the new mattress. Even more comfortable than in the store. Then Steve showed me the crazy part - the mattress was manufactured on 9/4/08 - it was delivered only 5 days after manufacture! We thought that was pretty darn cool.

The one issue with the new mattress was that it is a larger mattress in height than we previously had. As such, when we put the sheets that we had on the bed they were just slightly too small; one or two false moves and the fitted sheet would pop off the corners. That meant... NEW SHEETS!!! And, since our cheap bed-in-a-bag comforter was starting to pull apart where the quilting was and the inner cotton was getting thinner... we figured we may as well look for a new comforter as well. After a lot of examining sheet sizes and visiting 4 different stores for comforters, we were able to find sheets and a comforter set that we agreed on.

The end result? A grown-up looking and comfortable bed and a fabulously comfortable night's sleep.

Oh yeah... about the cabinet cleaning... our lunches came from food already in the house; I had an egg salad sandwich and Steve had a PBJ.


Steve Athanas said...

It's comfy alright, though I need to get used to it. I slept like I was in a hotel last night.. sort of on the edge of true rest. It'll come once I get used to it. For those who care, the mattress is a Nature's Rest Paradise Bay purchased at Jordan's Furniture, whose delivery guys were awesome.

Kimberly Pye said...

Congratulations on the new mattress! I totally understand how exciting it is, being a new-mattress owner myself! :-)

It's funny that you think it's more comfortable than the floor model. We had the opposite reaction. It will take time for our bed to get as squishy as the floor model, which has had people getting on and off it all day for a few months.

And we had the opposite reaction Steve had -- we slept like babies the first night! I skipped the gym the first morning even though I was totally rested -- just so I could stay in my comfy new bed longer! ;-)

Mags said...

Love it! Great choice on bedding too-it's so purty!