Friday, January 9, 2009

You've Got Mail!

Some weeks are really terrible for mail. Nothing but bills, junk advertisements, more bills, more junk advertisements, and the occasional credit card offer.

But then... there are weeks like this one. When the mail is just amazing.

On Monday, I had a long awaited swap-gift arrive from a swap I was in on Swap-Bot. It was late; it was supposed to be mailed by December 15 and didn't get sent until January 2. But... it was worth the wait. Those who know me know that I love me a good scarf... and also I love purple and pink. This was all three:

Then there were a couple of days of a mail lull... until Thursday. As part of my Christmas gift, Steve gave me a homemade gift certificate to order any apron I wanted from Etsy, an online emporium of handmade goods. I love so many of the aprons that are for sale by Etsy's various merchants, but I had to choose one. I finally decided on one from Bella Bee handmade aprons, potholders, and accessories. I ordered it a couple of weeks ago, and was thrilled when it arrived.

Then today was the final piece of mail awesomeness arrived - a surprise package from our friend Kimberly! In it was a Pop Rocks Chocolate bar, a coupon for $0.90 off at Whole Foods, an all-natural candy cane (dyed with vegetable based dyes)... and 2 Korknissers made with corks from our own collection!

It was, indeed, an amazing week for mail.


Steve Athanas said...

Just to clear up any confusion.. Danielle WANTED the apron. This was not simply a chauvinistic way of telling her to get in the kitchen. It was requested.... seriously.

Just don't you know.. say I'm a jerk and everything. You have no idea how much crap I got for buying her a grill pan for Christmas two years ago, from people I work with. They thought I was the most condescending misogynist ever.

Anyways, now that that's all cleared up - isn't that the cutest picture of her?

Nina said...

First: awesomest mail ever!!! I love that apron, it's totally rad! I got my xmas-present-blender in the mail this last week, so I know what you're feelin' - mail can be so amazing sometimes!

Second: good thing Steve cleared that up, because I know I *totally* thought he was being a big ol' chauvinist there... (yeah, just kidding, who could think that of Steve? c'mon... and yes, I agree, adorable picture with the apron!)

KStar said...

Hey Yellie!

Check out my blog. I have a suprise for you :-)