Friday, February 6, 2009

I won! Honest!

So... despite my absence from the blog world of late, I've received this awesome award from Kristin - one of my oldest and dearest friends and author of the Pink and Green Teacher Blog! It's the "Honest Scrap Award", and as a recipient it is now my duty to:

- Pick 7 blogs to give this award to (I'm trying to pick people Kristin didn't award it to!).
- List 10 Honest Things about myself.

And the newest winners of this award are:

- Mags over at Ms. Maggie Moo Talks to You
- Greg over at We're Taking Bets That...
- Matt and his blog at Matt Bortmess' Blog
- Nina at My Food Revolution
- Danielle and Nigel of the Dallaire Family
- Amy and her family at the Lembke News blog
- Missy over at Austin & Missy's Blog (and check her other blog out detailing the adventures of opening a café in Downtown Lawrence).

Now for 10 honest things about myself:

1. I committed my life to Christ on September 9, 2007 and while it hasn't always been easy learning how to live as He wants us to - it's a decision I can say has lifted me spiritually and has given me a different set of eyes to view the world through. I love how the beauty of the whole thing is that He has forgiven us, He understands and loves us as we are with all of our faults... it truly is "Amazing Grace".

2. My dream job is to be a stay-at-home mom someday, even though selling airplane parts is a pretty cool job.

3. I have 3 close girlfriends that I have been friends with for more than 10 years (2 for 15 years each and one for 13 years as of this September). While I don't get to see them as often as I might like to, it's amazing to know that when I do see each of them it's like we never spent any time apart.

4. I love the beach and even though it's stuck in 1989 I wish I could go to Hampton Beach every Wednesday in the summer with a picnic dinner to see the fireworks.

5. I used to hate seafood, but in the last couple of years I've grown to love a lot of it. That said - I still am not a fan of the two New England staples: lobstah and clam chowdah.

6. I am scatterbrained and as a result I don't always think before I speak. This has been known to get me in trouble or in disagreements on more than one occasion.

7. I don't mind traffic and usually take it as an opportunity to either spend some time in prayer, people watch the cars around me (it's amazing how many people pick their nose in traffic...), or sing really loudly.

8. I eat breakfast every morning, usually some sort of cereal.

9. If I could get paid what I get paid at AMETEK to instead spend time cleaning my house, read, and crochet all day I would quit my job in a heartbeat.

10. My husband is also my best friend, which makes marriage a little bit easier to grow into.

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