Friday, March 2, 2007

Friday Five

In an effort to create more posts because I often feel as though I have too much of an urge to write and too much writer's block... I'm starting to do the Friday Five. So... here goes this week's Friday Five.

How do you feel about teeter-totters?
When I was a kid, I absolutely loved them - only I called them "See-Saws". They were so much fun and were my second favorite thing on the playground (first was the swings). If I were short enough to enjoy a proper see-saw experience these days, I might partake in it. The last time I remember trying one, I was a bit too tall and my knees didn't take it very well on the downward.

What is something you oughta get done this weekend?
Three things: Study for Microeconomics (finish chapter 6, read chapter 7, and do the problem set for chapter 6 he handed out in class on Monday), Laundry, and balance my checking account. I also should spend some QT with my better half, and if we can fit it in maybe go visit my grandparents.

Who’s someone who seemed normal when you first met but got odder and odder as you got to know him or her?
Besides myself? To be totally honest... I really can't think of anyone.

Thinking of your mother: What’s something that always awed her?
Something that always awed my mom? I'm not entirely sure... so I'm going to go out on a limb here and say survivors. People who survive life-threatening illnesses and come out the better for it... like my dad, who survived a life-threatening aneurysm at the age of 32, or Tedy Bruschi who had a stroke and then decided to go back to playing defensive football like nothing ever happened.

Mom... if you read this, and I'm wrong... leave a comment and answer your real answer. :)

What is your favorite small, furry, non-domesticated animal?
This one's easy. It's totally a Koala Bear. I've always thought they were so incredibly adorable and friendly looking. And they're small, non-threatening animals. Plus, the way the babies always stick to the momma's back... well, here. I mean, how can you resist this:

Current Music: George Michael, 'Careless Whisper'
Side note: I've always really liked this sone, and I have no idea why....

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Ben said...

1) Swings rock.

2) Jill and I have tried to analyze what "cute" means. We came up with a few:

a. Human-like
b. Small
c. Furry/Fuzzy (optional)