Monday, November 12, 2007

Good Weekend

Good weekend was had by the Athanases.

Friday night when I got home, I was pretty frustrated because of the traffic (commute was doubled on Friday) so Steve and I went to Applebee's* for dinner instead of cooking. After that we went over to the Loop and went to Border's and Stop & Shop before heading home. I know, very exciting stuff - but believe me it was a great low-key night and was a good start to the weekend.

Saturday morning I went and closed my bank account at Bank of America. Steve and I are now officially joined at the wallet (meaning, our finances are combined). It's pretty exciting stuff (as nerdy as that sounds) to be basically done switching everything over before the 6th month of marriage. Then I went over to "the condo" and hit the motherlode of crochet hooks while looking for buttons. My hook inventory skyrocketed from 6 to about 20 after that which was again (as nerdy as this sounds) exciting for me. I orgainized them and separated out all the duplicates (of which Kimberly now owns most of) so I'm now almost fully stocked on hooks. I also spent a good part of the afternoon making a quick batch of coconut biscotti which came out really well - I think my best batch of biscotti that I've made so far. Once that was done we headed to Chelmsford to hang out with the Pyes. I got an amigurumi lesson (which I'll be posting about tomorrow) while the boys played video games.

Yesterday was more house hunting. We found one in Pelham that is currently toying with the top of the list but we have a few more too that we want to check out. We also looked at a ridiculously large house which had a ridiculously low price for what it was (foreclosure, vacant for a year) - but when we got there the place was in complete disrepair and needed at least $50K worth of work including an entire new kitchen. No tanks! After that we spent some QT together sorting through and picking out our favorite wedding pics to put in the album (eeeeeeee!!!). Then we went to dinner at the Outback*, came home, watched some Sopranos and football (I multitasked and crocheted a pretty scarf from this pattern) and went to bed late.

Also this weekend was the receipt of my Magic Yarn Ball from the Magic Yarn Ball swap! That's where the yarn for the scarf came from, and I got all sorts of awesome goodies as well.

Today I am jealous of my husband because I am at work, and he is not.

The end.

*Due to a generous gift from an elderly woman that Steve helps out and an error by Expedia's Thank You points - all dinners out mentioned in this post were basically free (cash tip).

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Mags said...

Ok. I'm glad you sited the Expedia error. I thought you were going to give the elderly woman all of the credit! LOL